Minutes - LAMU meeting April 29 2022

Meeting subject: Occupational Health and Safety Committee (LAMU) meeting

Attendees: Kaj Grønbæk, Tina Rudolph, Marianne Dammand Iversen, Gudmund Frandsen, Olav Bertelsen, Signe Jensen, Julie Rasmussen, Jens Kristian Nielsen, and Helena Bach

1.    Workplace Risk Assessment

The action plans for the five different subgroups were discussed:
•    PhD – Handled by Henriette Farup og Jens Kristian Nielsen
•    Postdoc – Handled by Julie Rasmussen and a postdoc TBD
•    Tenure Track – Handled by Olav Bertelsen and Marianne Iversen
•    Permanent VIP – Handled by Olav Bertelsen
•    Permanent TAP – Handled by Julie Rasmussen and a TAP TBD

The report for the permanent VIP group is currently missing, Marianne will contact Rambøll. 

All action plans must be ready by October 31. There will be a follow-up on the pro-gress of the action plans in mid-June.

General problems across departments, such as noise from building sites, will be passed on to FAMU.

Noise in the larger offices seems to be a problem across the groups. The possibility of establishing breakout rooms was discussed. Stress is also still a factor, especially in the Tenure Track group.

It is hard to analyse the answers about communication from the immediate manager of the PhD’s and postdocs. Technically Kaj is their immediate manager, but they may have interpreted the question as regarding their advisors. This needs to be clearer in the next WRA.

The WRA for the VIP’s will be discussed in the next faculty meeting.
The WRA for the TAP’s will be discussed in a team meeting.