CS Staff Club

The purpose of the CS Staff Club is to:

  • encourage the co-operation and teamwork between the different staff and research groups at the Department of Computer Science
  • initiate cultural, professional and entertaining events
  • handle gifts to round-number birthdays (from 30 years) and critical illness for members of CS Staff Club. As a member of Staff Club you automatically contribute to the gift.

Who can become a member?

  • Employees and PhD students at Department of Computer Science
  • Am I a member? Find a list of all current members here.

What does it cost?

Membership of CS Staff Club costs 25 kr./month and will be deducted from your salary. If you are not paid directly by CS (e.g. you are on SU) you can contact Malene B. B. Andersen regarding payment.

How do I sign up?

To sign up for the CS Staff Club please send an email to Malene B. B. Andersen. Once you have signed up the membership does not need to be renewed. If you one day wish to leave the CS Staff Club (which we do not expect will happen!) please send an email to Malene B. B. Andersen. The resignation of membership will become effective one month later.

CS Staff Club Events 2023 - 2024