Diversity and Equality Committee


The Department of Computer Science is committed to promoting equality and diversity. It is well-documented that an inclusive and diverse work and study environment enhances overall performance and well-being. To achieve this goal we will focus on recruitment, retention and general prospects of all underrepresented groups at the department. The culture of the department should be characterized by inclusion and equal opportunity for all. The committee for equality and diversity is responsible for monitoring and improving the area of equality and diversity at the department in collaboration with the management.


The committee is especially concerned with issues related to gender equality, but will also focus on the broader area of diversity and inclusion at the department. This focus is related to all activities at the department (e.g. research, education, guests, external relations etc.)

It is the task of the committee to:

  • Monitor and analyse issues related to equality and diversity at the department
  • Produce annual reports on the status of equality and diversity at the department
  • Formulate and revise an annual action plan pertaining equality and diversity and facilitating an inclusive culture at the department in collaboration with other committees and other working groups at the department
  • Ensure that steps are taken to improve the diversity at the department at all levels
  • Contribute to initiatives which improves the work and study environment at the department and ensure that local support is in place and visible for employees, student and guests who experience issues with or have concerns about equality and diversity
  • Contribute to the department’s strategy and goals regarding equality and diversity
  • Keep the department informed about relevant initiatives on gender and equality at the Faculty and University level
  • Bring insights from research on diversity into the actions and strategy of the department on the issue of diversity
  • Contribute to establishing, revising and communicating the Code of Conduct
  • Qualify decisions and propose changes at the department, faculty and university   

Members and observers

Ideally, the composition of the committee should represent the various groups at the department and other relevant committees. The members appoint a chair/a steering group who is responsible for organising the committee work.

The committee is open to observers and stakeholders, e.g. relevant student associations, local networks, members from other committees etc. The members of the committee determine whether the number of observers are untenable in regard to the tasks of the committee.


The committee meets 2-4 times a year. One of these is the annual meeting with the head of department. The action plan is discussed at this meeting.

The steering group (Marianne, Magnus, Wenkai, Anna H., Anna S.) is responsible for organizing the work between meetings. The committee can appoint task force and working groups.


The committee receives support from the committee secretary and from CS administrative staff to plan, coordinate and execute their work with the rest of the department.

Members of the committee


Anders Møller

Aslan Askarov

Claudio Orlandi

Marianne Graves

Andreas Birch Olsen

Lene Hjøllund


Katharina Boudgoust



Anna Hallenberg

Anna Kathrine Skov