New course will teach elementary school students about artificial intelligence

A new course will teach the oldest pupils in Danish primary schools about artificial intelligence (or machine learning) on social media.

The students will get hands-on experience with collecting data, training machine learning models and discussing their use on social media. A central element in the course is https://ultrabit-datatræ, which has been created by Karl-Emil Kjær Bilstrup, Magnus Høholt Kaspersen & Marianne Graves Petersen, where students use microbits to create small functional machine learning systems. It is important that young people understand how artificial intelligence shapes social media, which ultimately has great significance for the world they are presented with in their digital lives.

The course, which is aimed at students in 7-8th grade, has been created on the basis of a close collaboration between the Center for Computational Thinking and Design at Aarhus University and Danish broadcasting network DR's project ultra:bit. Read more about the project [in Danish] on DR's website.