Rector visited Department of Computer Science

Wednesday, Rector at Aarhus University Brian Bech Nielsen visited the Department of Computer Science to talk about the university’s development, visions and challenges.

Aarhus University faces particular challenges in these years (the study progress reform and the new dimensioning model just to name a few) but Department of Computer Science is well equipped for the task. This was the main message when Rector at Aarhus University Brian Bech Nielsen visited the Department to meet staff and discuss the university's development, visions and challenges.

Rector followed up on a warm welcome by Head of Department Lars Birkedal, by saying that Aarhus University is a strong, research intensive university, which provides education at a high international level. But also a university that has to operate within an increasingly tighter economic, political and competitive environment. Therefore, a key task for the university will be to focus and prioritize in the years to come. Department of Computer Science correlates well to these challenges, due to its strong academic profile as well as being a department internationally recognized for its research contributions within theory and practice of computing.

During the visit, there were questions from the employees regarding priorities in education, research grants, and cooperation with the private sector. Brian Bech Nielsen responded willingly to all questions making the visit a fruitful one for all.

Rector at Aarhus University, Brian Bech Nielsen, at Peter Bøgh Auditorium at Department of Computer Science.