Record high admission of female students

On July 28, 299 young people received offers for admission to one of Aarhus University's Natural Sciences IT degree programs. All three programs - Computer Science, IT Product Development and Data Science - have made great progress in the number of applicants, and a little more than 19% of the submitted offers are for female students, which is a record.

female students, which is a record.

After the summer holidays, there will be far more female students at the Department of Computer Science than previously. In general, the Department's degree programmes have seen a significant increase in the number of applicants, but in particular the number of female students has increased, and the Head of Department Kaj Grønbæk is pleased: "For a long time women have been under-represented in IT degree programmes, and that's really a shame. We need more women to participate in creating IT solutions for the society's major challenges, because men and women contribute with different competences and perspectives that are essential for further development of the field. The record number of female applicants for our degree programmes is really positive." But it is not just women who love IT. At the Faculty of Natural Sciences, all three IT degree programmes have a major increase in the number of applicants with 19%, 43% and 83% respectively for computer science, IT product development and Data science. The trend is, in fact, nationwide, with 13% more on a STEM IT degree programme compared to 2019.

"I'm particularly proud of and pleased with the great intake that we have had across Aarhus University's Natural Sciences IT degree programmes, and I'm very much looking forward to welcoming all the new students to the department. At the same time, I am also looking forward to the large influx of IT degree programmes across the country, which has now made IT one of the 25 subjects that have enrolled most students in 2020, "says Head of Department Kaj Grønbæk from Department of Computer Science at Aarhus University. The newly admitted students on the IT degree programmes can look forward to an exciting and challenging study, but also a labour market that is acutely lacking manpower.

*** FACTS ***

7,492 applicants have been admitted to Aarhus University. These are record high numbers, and the improvement is greatest at the faculties of Natural Sciences and Technical Sciences, both of which are 20% higher than last year.

The 299 applicants to the faculty of Natural Sciences’ IT degree programmes are divided as follows:

Computer science

  • Women: 33 (+ 65%)
  • Men: 151 (+ 12%)
  • Total: 184 (+ 19%)

Data Science

  • Women: 15 (+ 200%)
  • Men: 40 (+ 60%)
  • Total: 55 (+ 83%)

IT Product Development

  • Women: 10 (+ 11%)
  • Men: 50 (+ 52%)
  • Total: 60 (+ 43%)

The applicants have until 3rd of August to accept the student place. Several of Aarhus University's degree programmes still have vacant places that can be applied for before 5th of August 2020. The list of available places, which also includes IT degree programmes, can be found here:

Read more about this year's applications to Aarhus University: (in Danish only).