Rapidly and effectively from research to telemedicine operations

Department of Computer Science and Institute of Clinical Medicine, Aarhus University launches in cooperation with the Alexandra Institute and University of Copenhagen a new research project to streamline the transition from telemedicine research into daily operations at hospitals and municipalities – in collaboration with citizens and patients.

The core of the project is a unique collection of so-called Open Source IT tools and processes that makes it possible for interdisciplinary research groups to experiment with health-care, organizing, use processes as well as IT support. These tools and processes are to be developed in the new project to additionally cover the operation.

One of the purposes of the project is to make it easier to create a connection between citizen’s own initiatives, thoughts and experiences with new technologies such as smartphones, smartwatches and smart bracelets. Thus, in addition the project will work with experimental processes for developing and testing standards that include new types of data from citizens. Besides, the project will research the ‘agile operation’ of health IT systems.

To our knowledge, it is the first time a telemedicine project combines research within

  • New therapies
  • New types of IT support and organizing
  • Cooperation with citizens and patients
  • Experimental work with standards and
  •  Effective implementation of the operations

In the project, the Department of Computer Science and Institute of Clinical Medicine represent Aarhus University. From the Alexandra Institute the laboratory for Pervasive Healthcare participates, and from the University of Copenhagen the Computer Science Institute participates. The project is implemented in collaboration with the Foundation of Software-based Health Services (4S-online.dk), MedCom and National Health IT.

For more information, please contact:

Morten Kyng, professor, dr.scient.
Computer Science, Aarhus University
Research director, Pervasive Healthcare, The Alexandra Institute
Direct/mobile: +45 2026 9911
Email: mkyng@cs.au.dk
Email:  mkyng@alexandra.dk "