PhD student Asger Drewsen and Team win Danish Championship in Programming 2018

Madalgo PhD student Asger was part of the programming trio from Department of Computer Science who won the 2018 Danish National Championship in Programming.

This year the Danish National Championship in Programming took place in October. The Aarhus University team named Beyond Ballmer's Peak ∪ Frank consisting of Asger and fellow computer science students Oskar Haarklou Veileborg and Matias Frank Jensen, succeeded in taking the title as champions in front of teams from University of Copenhagen.

Bye bye Lambdabamserne

It was a close race between the Copenhagen based team called The Floor is made of Java, but ultimately the Aarhus team was faster and could be pronounced winners of the 2018 Danish National Championship in Programming. This year's victory ended a five year-long series of victories to the team Lambdabamserne from University of Copenhagen, who now plans to retire.

Congratulations to Asger and Beyond Ballmer's Peak ∪ Frank!