On September 5th IDA hosted the Driving IT conference in Aarhus

Professor Jesper Buus Nielsen gave the opening speech. He gave a talk about the inside of the engine of the third generation blockchains, and the work they are doing at The Concordium Blockchain Research Center at Aarhus University, working with the Concordium Blockchain Network. The network is an example of the upcoming third generation blockchains, types which are driven by science and focus on energy efficiency, speed, scalability, privacy, formal verification, and regulatory compliance.

The program included a group of grassroots, who sought after what’s new, exciting, and important in IT. The talks included topics such as security, software development, AI and blockchain.

Professor Anders Møller talked about automated bug detection for JavaScript. The talk gave an overview of their ongoing research projects, which aim to improve software quality and programmer productivity by automatically analysing and testing JavaScript programs. Furthermore, the talk also covered their state-of-the-art techniques for detecting event race errors in web applications and breaking changes in npm modules.

Ass. Professor Hans-Jörg Schulz gave a talked about data visualisation. The talk focused on their insights into how data is only as good as the visualisation which communicates said data with the question being; what makes visualisations good and how can we construct it?

The participants of Driving IT also got access to a great network, exciting cock-and-bull stories, thought-provoking talks and lots of useful tools to take home.