New Professor at the department – Ira Assent

On August 1, Ira Assent was appointed professor at Department of Computer Science at Aarhus University.

Ira Assent. Photo: AU Foto

Following positions in Germany (RWTH Aachen University) and at Aalborg University, Ira Assent joined Aarhus University in 2010 as associate professor. In 2013, she became research group leader of Data-Intensive Systems, which contributes models and algorithms for large volumes of data as generated e.g. in social networks, e-commerce, or science. The group, of eight researchers, works with two strands of research – data management and data mining / machine learning. In data management, focus is on efficiently finding relevant information in a big data set. In data mining / machine learning, the goal is to automatically discovery information in large data volumes, and to learn from them. Privately, Ira lives in True near Aarhus with her boyfriend and their three small children. Congratulations on the appointment.