Millions for the Danish national cyber team

Industriens Fond invests millions in the Danish national cyber team (Cyberlandsholdet), which represents Denmark in international cyber security competitions. 

Moving forward, the department will take an active part in the national team, as Diego Aranha and Claudio Orlandi will help prepare cryptographic challenges for national competition series. Also, the department will help coaching the national team through a team effort combining experienced faculty and local PhD students.

“I am so happy to have Aarhus University onboard. Department of Computer Science at AU is very strong on cryptography, which is an important part of the championships - both for training sessions and challenges, and when preparing the Danish national team for the European competition. Aarhus is also known for its active support to the Danish cyber security community, and together we can contribute even more to building the cyber security competences among young people that are so needed in the future,” says Jens Myrup Pedersen, Professor at Aalborg University and head coach.

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