IT Product Development students show off first-year projects

This week, first semester students in IT-Product Development exhibited their first-year project for teachers, friends and families. The assignment was to create an interactive lamp for the Department’s study café.

Keyan and his group adjusting the prototype. Photo: Kaspar Hvid

- It has been really fun to work with this project. I didn’t think that we would be able to do all this so soon in our education, says Keyan Javanshir.

The last seven weeks, Keyan and his group have designed and programmed a lamp, in which a group of people can adjust the light together. The lamp is designed with Phillips Hue and can switch to many different colors.

- Our interviews showed that there were many people who thought the light in the study café is bad, but they didn’t want to hit the switch and turn it off, says Keyan.

The group’s lamp is inspired by the rainbow on Aros and it’s colors.

While Keyan and the rest of his group finished their lamp pretty fast, some still had problems with their prototypes during the exhibition.

- Our research showed that people do not want to sit at a table, where other people already are sitting. We have tried to solve this “problem” by making a lamp where you can have a discussion about adjusting the light, and thus make it easier to talk to strangers, says Frederik. 

Frederik and his group where having problems with the power and some of sensors in the lamp.

- Some of our censors stopped working in our process, and that makes it difficult because you should be able to use the whole lamp as a switch, says Jonas.

Despite of the problems, the group found the project funny, and they were happy to see that there was a problem to solve, and that help was nearby in the shape of fellow student and supervisors.