Helpdesk is moving to Nygaard-198

In week 34 IT-support's rooms at Katrinebjerg will be gathered in Nygaard building room 198. The move will take place in most of the week, when we will bring together all activities from several places. As the transfer occurs close to our move of support in Ny Munkegade, it will still affect our service.

The new room 5335-198 will replace the rooms in Eddison-121, Hopper-018 and be base for the on-site supporters at Katrinebjerg. The room is situated on the first floor of Nygaard building together with the library,  toward Finlandsgade. Easy access through the library's floor or via stairs against IHA in the Eddison building.


Help desk will be manned at 8-15 (FRI -13), and staff can be seen in the Exchange calendar as ST-support-katrinebjerg. Staffing is combination of IT supporters from Engineering College of Aarhus, campus and on-site people. As previously, there will be put a slip on the door with phone number, if everyone is out of the room in the manned period.


IT support Katrinebjerg is part of the "ST-support, campus" and contacted  as:

  8715 4010

We are working to establish a seperated telephone contact to IT-support at Katrinebjerg.


Søren Vallø Ertmann


AU IT, ST-Support Campus