Grant to Chaya Ganesh

Congratulations to Chaya Ganesh, who, together with Ivan Damgård and Claudio Orlandi, have been awarded a USD 15,000 grant from Protocol Labs, a research, development and deployment lab for network protocols, in connection with their Request For Proposals (RFP) Program.

Chaya Ganesh, private photo

The team was awarded the grant for offering a solution to an open problem in the RFP on file storage on multiple servers. When storage is a service, the client pays for storing each copy, and could end up paying malicious servers many times while really storing only one copy. In their paper, the team formalized what it means to store many copies by capturing the requirements in a definition of proof of replicated storage. They proposed a construction, and proved that their solution satisfied the desired security properties.

Chaya Ganesh is a Postdoc in the Cryptography and Security Group. The team is grateful for the grant and will use it for conferences, workshops, and other research related expense.