EliteForsk Award to Professor Lars Birkedal

On the basis of his ground-breaking research, which is of inestimable importance for the understanding of modern complex programming languages, Professor Lars Birkedal receives the EliteForsk Award 2015 of DKK 1.2 million from the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

The EliteForsk Award is awarded to outstanding researchers under 45 years of international excellence. The EliteForsk Award is of DKK 1.2 million. DKK 200,000 is a personal prize of honour and 1,000,000 are for research activities. All recommendations are assessed by the Danish Council for Independent Research's board, who selects and recommends the five candidates for the minister of Higher Education and Science.

The Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science awards each year five EliteForsk Awards to some of the most competent and talented scientists in Denmark. The awards will be presented at the annual EliteForsk Conference in Copenhagen, where ministers and representatives of the Danish royal family will participate. As motivation for Lars Birkedals award the Ministry wrote:

Lars Birkedal’s work is ground-breaking and of inestimable importance for the understanding of modern complex programming languages. Lars Birkedal has a very large international collaborative network and several national and international honorary offices. Lars Birkedals impressive production comprises nearly 100 publications, which are cited almost 2800 times. An impressive large number of his publications have been selected as "best paper" at international top conferences in computer science.

"I am very proud and happy for the recognition that the EliteForsk Award expresses. Of course it is very nice to see that the research efforts that my research group and I provide, are recognized. My research is carried out in collaboration with PhD students and postdocs as well as a large network of international researchers. I am very grateful for the cooperation, which is essential for the research and makes the day-to-day work a pleasure," says Lars Birkedal.

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This is the second time that an employee from Department of Computer Science is awarded the EliteForsk Award. In 2010 Professor Lars Arge also received the Award.