Congratulations to class of 2018

Friday June 29, family, friends and teachers gathered at Department of Computer Science to celebrate the graduation of 76 new masters in Computer Science and IT product development.

Class of 2018

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Associate Dean of Education Finn Borchsenius congratulated and handed the Master’s diploma to each of the 56 graduates who attended the graduation ceremony in a packed Peter Bøgh Andersen auditorium.

Security Lead Architect at KMD Ebbe Skak Larsen, who graduated from the department in 1993, held this year’s graduation speech:  Now it is time to go and use your super powers out in the world. The industry is waiting for you, and we feel extremely lucky every time we succeed in recruiting one of you.

 In 2018, 76 students have completed a master’s degree in either computer science (52) or IT product development (24) at Aarhus University. The department wishes the best of luck to all of them, and hope you will stay in touch as an alumni!