Alumni interview with Aino Corry, entrepreneur and owner of Metadeveloper

Computer scientist by coincidence - and then again not so much. As a high-school student, Aino Corry (46) was sure about one thing: she wanted to study mathematics and immerse herself deep in theory. Today she finds herself in a completely different setting as self-employed entrepreneur. How did that happen?

Aino Corry may be the prime example of how conscious education- and career-choices can lead to random and unimaginable career paths. That is at least the case for Aino Corry.

In her company Metadeveloper, she helps software companies and major IT departments, optimizing their business through workshops and "retrospectives": A structured meeting that emphasizes results so that participants' time is not wasted on “unproductive chitchat”.

She also teaches in didactics and new teaching methods at Aarhus University. Moreover, Aino participates in program committees at several IT conferences (including GOTO-Copenhagen).

Read the interview here (in Danish).