37 girls ready for IT-Camp

October 19-21st Department of Computer Science will be hosting this years edition of "IT-Camp for girls": Three days with technology, design and inspiration for girls aged 16-20.

How do you combat prejudice in the IT industry and show young girls that education in IT is certainly for women? IT-Camp for girls are three (and free) days of technology, design and inspiration for secondary school girls aged 16-20 years.

This year, the camp is taking place at October 19-21st at Department of Computer Science in IT-Byen Katrinebjerg, representing education in Computer Science and IT. 37 girls are registered to this year’s event, making IT-Camp as popular as ever before in its +10 years lifespan.


Stay tuned for news and updates on this years camp at itcamp.dk and facebook.com/itcampforpiger/ or instagram.com/itcampau/ (in Danish)

Also, don't miss out on this years promotion video for IT-Camp, already a viral hit on the web.