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Massive news coverage of IT Camp for girls 2017

October 18-20, this year’s edition of "IT-Camp for girls” took place at Department of Computer Science – and received a great amount of media attention.

48 girls took part in this year’s event, making IT-Camp as popular as ever in its 11 years lifespan.

The event received press coverage in the Danish media, starting October 19 in the nationwide newspaper JyllandsPosten with the story: "Rektor: »Vi helmer ikke, før der er lige mange mænd og kvinder i faget«" (Rector: "We're not goint to stop until there are an equal number of men and women in the profession"). The story involved Vice-Rector at Aarhus University Berit Eika's view on IT Camp for Girls, and the camps contribution and impact in having more women enrolling education in IT to support the Danish IT Industry. The story is behind a paywall, but you can see a snapshot of the story at our facebook-page.

Berit Eika was also interviewed for a news story on Danish television station TV2 Østjylland, who reported from this years IT Camp: " Universitet på pige-jagt: Vil have flere kvinder i it-branchen" ("University on the lookout for girls: Want more women to join the IT industry")

Aarhus University (and Department of Computer Science) covered IT camp massively on it's social media channels: Take a look at this video on Aarhus University’s Facebook page, the coverage on the university's LinkediIn-page and on Aarhus University’s Twitter-profile here and Berit Eikas twitter here and here.

"IT-Camp for girls" is a recurring event at Department of Computer Science, targeted at girls in aged 16-20 years. With three days of technology, design and inspiration the aim of the event is to challenge prejudices of the IT industry, and show these young girls that an education in IT certainly is for women. More info on IT Camps webpageInstagram profile, and facebook profile.