Vis nyhed

Internationals are crazy about Aarhus

In May, all EU/EØS applicants offered admission at the department were invited for a three-day visit to Aarhus. During the visit, the potential master students got to know more about the department, Aarhus University and city where they maybe will spend – at least – the next two year of their lives. 70% of the visitors have accepted the offer to study at Aarhus University, and we are excited to welcome them in August.

Group photo of international students visiting LEGO House during the CS Visit from May 22-24.

How do you choose where you want to study abroad? Most people make their choice based on previous knowledge or recommendations. Therefore, the Department of Computer Science at Aarhus University wanted to give its international applicants a first-hand experience of Aarhus before making their choice. For three days in May, the international applicants got to know more about the department’s study program and facilities, learned about practicalities when relocating to Denmark, and met with a range of local IT companies to talk about job opportunities during and after their studies in Aarhus.

With the visit, we get the chance to show our international applicants Aarhus as the young, vibrant city it is, and how the Danish society and business environment works. These highly demanded students get several admittance offers, and may not know Aarhus as well as they know Copenhagen, London or Barcelona. So, the CS Visit is a perfect opportunity to put Aarhus on the map of attractive cities, says Sofia Hedegaard Rasmussen, organizer of the CS Visit and Communications Specialist at Department of Computer Science, Aarhus University.

Why apply for Aarhus University? Generally, the international students are attracted to the Danish way-of-living, no tuition fee and the academic level within computer science at Aarhus University. During the visit, many were positively surprised about the facilities at the department and the close cooperation with the local IT companies.

The CS Visit 2019 was organized in collaboration with the industrial network Destination AARhus whose member organizations – as many others - are experiencing difficulties recruiting enough qualified IT specialist for their open positions.

The demand for IT talents is very high, and everyone is struggling to get the best into their organizations and teams. Considering that the IT industry is global it is of critical importance that the search for that talent is also global, as we will not be able to grow the adequate IT talent in Denmark alone, says CIO Martin Stampe at Danske Bank.

The new semester starts on August 26. The department is looking forward to welcoming all our new Danish and international students at both bachelor and master level. Remember the deadline for Danish students to apply for the bachelor programmes in computer science and IT product development is July 5.

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