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Associate Professor Claudio Orlandi challenges cryptographers from around the world with a solution that protects us against attacks from quantum computers

Associate Professor in Cryptology from Aarhus University, Claudio Orlandi, is in the running when the US organisation NIST (The National Institute of standards and Technology) has challenged the cryptographers from all over the world to bid on, how to protect the communication between individuals and organizations on the Internet if or when quantum computers become a reality.

Associate Professor Claudio Orlandi

Claudio Orlandi is part of a group of cryptographers, who have developed the Picnic. The Picnic family of digital signature algorithms is designed to provide security against attacks by quantum computers, in addition to attacks by classical computers. Picnic is developed in collaboration with scientists and engineers from Aarhus University, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, Graz University of Technology, Microsoft Research, Princeton University and Technical University of Denmark.

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