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5 of our young researchers get DIREC grants

Eight projects have just received grants for research in digital technologies from Digital Research Centre Denmark (DIREC). Young researchers contributes with creativity and energy that can provide new perspectives, and DIREC hopes that the grants will boost these researchers to drive their research even further forward.

One of the grant recipients is assistant professor Sophia Yakoubov. Her project focuses on how to use blockchain and multi-party computation (computing) to calculate data without providing personal data.

“There are many use cases in which there is a need for being able to computation on data without compromising data privacy. This applies not least to the healthcare sector, and here technologies such as multi-party computation is an efficient tool that helps us move forward in these research areas,” says Sophia Yakoubov and points out that it is important to provide young researchers with project management.

Congratulations to assistant professor Magnus Madsen, postdoc Alejandro Aguirre, and assistant Professor Sophia Yakoubov who will lead three of the projects. Also, congratulations to postdoc Simon Wimmer and assistant professor Srikanth Srinivasan who will be collaborating in the projects Certifiable Controller Synthesis for Cyber-Physical Systems and Algorithms education via animation videos, respectively.

More information about the projects: