26.11.2020 | CS frontpage, Featured, Public/media

Danske datalogiske institutter former stærk alliance

Unik alliance mellem alle danske datalogiske institutter og Alexandra Instituttet, støttet med 100 mio. kroner fra Innovationsfonden. I bestyrelsen sidder institutleder Kaj Grønbæk. Digital Research Centre Denmark (DIREC) er et unikt samarbejde på tværs af syv universiteter i Danmark, og konsortiet bag DIREC består af de datalogiske institutter på…

20.11.2020 | CS frontpage, Featured, Public/media

Congratulations to Sapere Aude Research Leader Peter Scholl

“The Sapere Aude programme is a fantastic opportunity to consolidate my research and develop my skills as a research leader. It is great to see my work being recognized in this way, and I am looking forward to the pleasure of working with the early-career researchers who will be recruited for the project,” says Peter Scholl. Congratulations!

19.11.2020 | CS frontpage, Featured, Public/media

Aarhus bliver del af nationalt studentersatellit-program

Aarhus Universitet indgår i et samarbejde med tre danske universiteter for at etablere et nationalt satellitprogram i samarbejde med Industriens Fond. Programmet skal sikre endnu flere færdiguddannede kandidater med højteknologiske kompetencer, og vil kunne indgå i de studerendes uddannelse. En bevilling fra Industriens Fond på 4,25 millioner…

16.11.2020 | CS frontpage, Featured, Public/media, CPV

Great success for LogSem and PL at two top conferences

Researchers from Logic & Semantics and Programming Languages have had a remarkably high number of papers accepted at the top conferences OOPSLA’20 and POPL’21. At OOPSLA, which takes place this week, five papers have been accepted for publication. At POPL, they got six papers got accepted, which is almost 10% of all accepted papers. Great work!

10.11.2020 | CS frontpage, Public/media, Featured

The NordiCHI conference is coming back to Aarhus

Once again HCI at Aarhus University hosts the NordiCHI conference. In 2022 the overall theme will be “Participative computing for sustainable futures”. NordiCHI 2022 in Aarhus will continue the NordiCHI tradition of being an international-level venue for dissemination and development of human-computer interaction research in the broadest sense.…

10.11.2020 | CS frontpage, Featured, Public/media

Application for student offices is open

All Computer Science and IT Product Development students can now apply for an office at the department, for the 2021 spring semester. Deadline is January 17, 2021.

09.11.2020 | CS frontpage, Featured, Public/media

Kasper Green Larsen gives talk at the world cup of programming competitions

This weekend, associate professor Kasper Green Larsen gave a talk about Lower Bounds for Multiplication via Network Coding for the finalists in the international (World Cup) programming competition ICPC.

09.11.2020 | CS frontpage, Featured, Public/media

Talent track students get research paper accepted at SOSA 2021

Bachelor students Jonathan Lindegaard Starup and Jesper Steensgaard have been part of the department’s Talent Track programme, in which students get to work closely with researchers on actual research questions. Their close work with Associate Professor Kasper Green Larsen has resulted in the research paper Further Unifying the Landscape of Cell…