26.12.2020 | Public/media, Featured, CS frontpage

In Memoriam: Professor Lars Arge

It is with great sorrow, we received the message that Professor Lars Arge has passed away on December 23rd, 2020, at the age of just 53. His wife Alice and the closest family was with him. Lars finally has peace after battling kidney cancer for several years. Lars has been very open about his fight in both his…

17.12.2020 | CS frontpage, Featured, Public/media

Ira Assent in interdisciplinary research project to pave the way for new pharmaceuticals

Computer Science is important in all aspects of research and industry! Congratulations to Ira Assent, who is part of the "Open discovery of metabolic targets for therapeutic intervention in kidney disease" project. The project aims to identify metabolites that predict kidney cell phenotypes during chronic kidney disease, and investigate how…

15.12.2020 | CS frontpage, Featured, Public/media

Anders Møller i Kortsluttet på P1

Kan en enkelt programmeringsfejl koste $100 million? Kan en programmeringsfejl koste liv? Hvordan hjælper vi bedst programmørerne med at rette fejl? og kan man automatisere fejlfinding? Hør professor og viceinstitutleder Anders Møller fortælle om dette i Kortsluttet på P1.

15.12.2020 | CS frontpage, Featured, Public/media

New Committee for Diversity and Equality at the Department

At Department of Computer Science (CS), we see diversity, as a strength and we are well aware that the Department - and computer science in general - is lacking, especially, gender diversity. Therefore, CS has established and supported a range of different initiatives over the years to foster a greater diversity among students and employees.

10.12.2020 | CS frontpage, Featured, Public/media

Test your programming skills

On November 7, the Danish championship in programming took place. The teams had to solve 13 problems within 5 hours. If you want to take up the challenge, you can find and try the problems here: https://ncpc20.kattis.com/problems.