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Open positions at the department

At the department, we are currently looking to fill both administrative and scientific positions.

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Code can be beautiful as a poem or a novel

Denmark's digital super star Bjarne Stroustrup, who completed his master at the department, is one of the world's leading computer scientists. With his "programming language", he has put his mark on everything from car engines to mobile phones and Google's search engine. [Article only in Danish]

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20 percent increase in first choice applicants for computer science at Aarhus University

This year, no less than 408 applicants have applied for the Bachelor’s degree program in computer science at Aarhus University. More than half of the applicants - 220 in total – has chosen computer science as their first priority. The numbers are based on the preliminary calculation of applicants to higher education at Aarhus University.

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57 kandidater fejret ved dimission på Institut for Datalogi

Der var store smil og højt humør, da 57 nyuddannede dataloger og IT produktudviklere fredag d. 30. juni blev fejret ved dimissionsfest på Institut for Datalogi, Aarhus Universitet. Se fotos fra dimissionsfesten på vores facebookside I et fyldt Peter Bøgh Auditorium fik de færdiguddannede dataloger og IT produktudviklere én efter én overrakt…