Minutes - LSU meeting, November 29 2022

Meeting subject: Joint Cooperation Committee (LSU) meeting

Present at the meeting: Lene Hjøllund, Olav W. Bertelsen, Kaj Grønbæk, Marianne Dammand Iversen, Kristoffer Arnsfelt Hansen, Jens Kristian Refsgaard Schou, Magnus Høholt Kaspersen, and Helena Bach

1. Messages from the chairman
Messages had been delivered on the recent faculty meeting.

2. Status of the finances – Hiring freeze, spending cut etc.
A new economy model is in the works. There will be more meetings about this in the new year.

Electricity initiatives seem to be working well.

Hiring freeze has not affected us much. All positions that have been applied for have been accepted by the dean. The usual TT call has not been posted this year, however.

Michael Wessely has been granted a starting package. 

Growth at the department has been set back slightly by the cutbacks.

3. Hearing – AU action plan for diversity, gender equality, and inclusion 2023-25
The hearing statement was discussed, and notes were sent to the diversity committee.

4. Follow-up on the hearing regarding hiring procedures
Nothing much has changed since the original document, except for a few chang-es to the promotion of professors.

5. WPA – Closing remarks
The action plan for TT and tenured VIP are missing, the rest have been submit-ted before the deadline. The plan is to have it done by December 9.

6. AOB