Minutes - Combined LAMU and LSU meeting, June 17 2022

Meeting subject: Combined Occupational Health and Safety Committee (LAMU) and Joint Cooperation Committee (LSU) meeting

Present at the meeting: Marianne Dammand Iversen, Julie Rasmussen, Søren Poulsen, Kaj Grønbæk, Gudmund Skovbjerg Frandsen, Tina Rudolph, Olav W. Bertelsen, Simon Hoggan Christensen, Lene Hjøllund, Kristoffer Arnsfelt Hansen, Jens Kristian Refsgaard Nielsen, Magnus Høholt Kaspersen, Henriette Gammelgaard Farup, and Helena Bach

1.    Status update regarding WPA action plans in the groups

PhD: Part of the plan will possibly be brought up on the coming PhD and postdoc re-treat, otherwise it will be addressed in the autumn. Some of the problems seem to be linked to the lack of alignment of expectations between the supervisor and the stu-dent. It seems that the students are in doubt about what is expected of them. A proper onboarding procedure has been missing, possibly due to corona. Some of the problems could possibly be handled in the support groups.

Postdocs: The main themes are stress, interdisciplinary collaboration across the groups, and uncertainty about future prospects. These are the same problems as last WPA. However, it is a different group of people than those who filled out the WPA in 2019. There has previously been an attempt to solve these problems, some of the so-lutions could possibly be used again. The issues might also be discussed on the up-coming retreat.

Tenure Track: This group has alarming numbers. They are currently being contacted individually to get a complete picture of the situation. This is time consuming, but the best way to get results. CS has the largest group of TTs compared to other de-partments. One solution could be to simplify the matching of expectations at the be-ginning of employment. Kaj will look into this.

FastVIP: Tenure Track is being prioritized, the plan for FastVIP will come later.

TAP: The main focus areas will be work-life balance and career trajectories.

2.    Physical WPA

The Occupational Health and Safety representatives will contact each person, who have stated a problem, to find a solution. A common problem is construction noise, which is very annoying to many, however, nothing can be done about that. Another problem is online meetings in shared offices. A solution could be to use an empty of-fice or meeting room. Many meeting rooms are available and more will become available soon, when Turing 0 and 1 become available after the summer holiday.

There is a general lack of knowledge about fire procedures. Meeting points need clear signage.