Referat af LSU den 3. november 2021

Present at the meeting: Kaj Grønbæk, Marianne Dammand Iversen, Na Ree Sørensen, Olav W. Bertelsen, Kristoffer Arnsfelt Hansen, Helena Luna Bach


1.    Preparation for the Staff Development Dialogue (SDD)
Kaj is looking into which journalizing system is best used for the SDD documentation.
It was discussed who could best take care of the SDD for postdocs. It was decided that Heads of research groups are responsible for arranging the SDD for postdocs, i.e. they conduct the SDD themselves or delegate them to relevant project leaders. The Heads of research groups are also responsible for reporting back to Kaj regarding the SDDs. The PhD advisors are responsible for conducting SDDs for the PhD students.

2.    Framework and status of Tenure Track (TT)
It has been difficult obtaining the necessary external recommendations for the TTs. The template created by HR delivers quantitative data, which has proved to be less than useful. Kaj is looking into having a new template made with a view to generating qualitative data about the individual TTs. 

The TTs need to apply for career grants, for example Sapere Aude. It is the responsi-bility of the entire department that grants are applied for. The department prioritizes supporting the TTs in any way and the level of support the TTs currently receive is higher than many other departments provide. The department offers TTs, who have had an application rejected, to be debriefed about the process to hopefully improve future application processes.

Kaj has been holding a quarterly lunch with the TTs. A TT, who has successfully applied for a career grant, is scheduled to hold a presentation about the application procedure at the next lunch. At a later lunch there might be a presentation about pitching a grant.

3.    AOB
An email with the standard procedure in case of a Covid-19 contagion has been sent out to the entire department. The department will keep watching the rate of contagion in society and follow the official advice given by the government.