Referat af LSU d. 27. april 2021

Present at the meeting: Kaj Grønbæk, Marianne Dammand Iversen, Tina Rudolph, Kristoffer Arnsfelt Hansen, Olav Bertelsen


1.       The reopening

Re. 1.  The reopening

Na Ree went through the department's plan for partial reopening. When we comply with the requirement for a distance of two metres, the department will have room for 268 students on Hopper-0, Babbage-0, Study Café, calculator, Ada-0 classrooms, Incuba teaching rooms and Nygaard-1, 0 and 1. In addition, there are 88 auditorium places.

At present, not so many students have made use of physical meetings at the department except for the students who need the lab facilities. It has been decided not to register the students who wish to be physically enrolled at the department, but rather to make random samples to check that they have a valid Coronapas, that is not older than 72 hours or are able to show two negative tests evenly distributed throughout the week. These random Minutes April 2021samples will be registered in a sample plan.  Na Ree is the local contact person in relation to infection detection.

All employees must be given permission from Na Ree to report physically show up for work. Here, the same requirements apply for valid Coronapas and tests as with the students. Some research groups have been allowed to hold physical group meetings. The research group leader is responsible for registering attendance and ensuring negative tests. If the employees wish to stay at the department and work after the group meeting, they must have a permission from Na Ree.

As the workplace has instructed the employees to be tested, this can be done during working hours. The workplace may instruct an employee in writing to be tested.