LSU meeting, January 25, 2016

Participants: Lars Birkedal, Annemette Hammer, Olav Bertelsen, Charlotte Illum Nielsen (HR, observer), Marianne Dammand Iversen

Absent from the meeting: Kurt Jensen, Nervo Verdezoto, Clemens Nylandsted Klokmose, Kristoffer Arnsfelt Hansen

Taking the minutes: Marianne Dammand Iversen


0.  Comments on the minutes and agenda

1.  Staff – information

2.  Psychological Workplace Evaluation - information

3.  Pay negotiations 2016 information and discussion concerning local issues

4.  Consultation on revised staff policy

5.  Consultation on the action plan for more women in research

6.  AOB

Re. O. Comments on the minutes and agenda

No comments

Re. 1 Staff – information

CS has posted positions as Assistant Professor (tenure track) or Associate Professor in Computer Science: 145 have applied.  Olivier Danvy is chairman for the appointments committee.

CS has also posted a position within business and communication. 98 have applied.

New employee in the information office, the position has been temporary and will now be tenured.

Re. 2 Psychological Workplace Evaluation – information

The psychological workplace assessment (WPA) will begin on 29 February 2016 with a questionnaire-based survey for all AU employees.

As a result of discussions involving management and the Main Liaison Committee/the Main Occupational Health and Safety Committee, it has been decided that even more emphasis must be placed on dialogue once the results of the survey have been made available. For this reason, it will not be possible to include written comments in connection with filling out the questionnaire.

In addition, this year’s questionnaire includes a few questions that have been formulated specifically for the individual faculties and the administration.

Marianne and Dorthe will participate in a theme meeting regarding the follow-up work.

Re. 3 Pay negotiations 2016 information and discussion concerning local issues

Prior to the annual pay negotiations, the senior management team – following discussion in the Main Liaison Committee (HSU) – decides on an overall pay negotiation budget. The pay negotiation budget for pay negotiations 2016 (the period 1 April 2015 - 31 March 2016) is fixed at 0,4% for pay supplements and 0,2% for one-off bonuses.

The timetable for pay negotiations 2016 is as follows:

8th - 28th February 2016: Application period
February - 13th May 2016: Preparation and negotiation period
June/July 2016: Disbursement of agreed pay increases

Feedback process: Annemette suggest that all employees who have applied will receive a written feedback from the Head of Department, Lars Birkedal. Reasons may be clarified orally by Lars Birkedal if desired. Marianne adds, that it is important that the feedback is not just a lack of money, but is a constructive feedback.

Re. 4 Consultation on revised staff policy

Deadline for feedback: Feb. 5 2016.

The staff policy was discussed. There were no comments. However, it is important that it will also be in English and that HR has a plan for how to inform about the policy.

Re. 5 Consultation on the action plan for more women in research

The action plan was discussed, and the committee wants to send in the following remarks:

The local liaison committee at Department of Computer Science are pleased with the plan as we are a department with few women at all levels. We have in the review of the plan not identified actual defects.

We are particularly pleased with 3 points:

1)     Establishment of a maternity fund to secure women (or men) of childbearing age. We hope that the initiative will be implemented in an efficient manner.

2)     Active search for women to permanent academic positions. In a field where there are only few women, it is important to be able to attract the few strong women who are available. Therefore, we are looking forward to getting help to develop a more proactive recruitment policy at the department.

Broad councils, boards, and committees are an important element in creating a more balanced profile.  It is important, however, that women  in areas with few females are not burdened with the kinds of tasks, otherwise there is a risk that their careers suffer.

Re. 6.  AOB

Olav Bertelsen has been elected union representative for the academic staff at  CS. He has also been elected main union representative for the academic staff at AU.

Christoffer continues being a member of the joint cooperation committee. Matthias Rav will be representing the PhD students.