Local PR and Communication services

This list describes the PR and Communication sevices

News services

- Magazines and leaflet as E-publications (Example)

- setting up photo albums on our department Flickr-acoount

- News distribution on cs.au.dk scitech.au.dk cs.au.dk/facebook au.dk

- Press releases

Contact: nyhed@cs.au.dk


- cs.au.dk cs.staff.au.dk and studerende.au.dk/datalogi

Contact: webred@cs.au.dk

Visitors- and event service

  • Demo sessions (student and/or research)
  • 'guided tours' at Katrinebjerg
  • Events and competitions (mainly for elementary and high-school students)

Contact: bessoegsservice@cs.au.dk

News coverage:

Editing news at

Contakt: nyhed@cs.au.dk

  • Publication of CS Today (internal newsletter)

Web communikation:

Development and editing of

Contakt: webred@cs.au.dk

Other communication services at the University