Minutes - Postdoc Committee Meeting 29.1.2018

Meeting date: Monday 29 January 2018 at 13.00-14.00

Meeting place: Nygaard 297

Meeting subject: Post Doc Committee

Attendees: Ira Assent, Ivan Bjerre Damgård, Gerth Stølting Brodal, Gianluca Mezzetti, Henrik Korsgaard

 Apologies: Ranald Clouston, Zahra Jafargholi, Thomas Dinsdale-Young

 Minute Taker: Malene Andersen


 1. Ph.D. and Postdoc retreat 2018

a. Time: 1 June

b. Place: Randers Regnskov: www.regnskoven.dk   

c. Program (tbc!):

Kl. 09.00 Let morgenmad

Kl. 12.00 Frokostsandwich inkl. 1 vand eller sodavand

Kl. 15.00 Eftermiddagskaffe og -kage

Kl. 18.00 Grillbuffet

Kl. 21.00 Regnskoven lukker

d. Suggestion for workshop topics


2. Post Doc Events 2018 

a. Feb/March: Topics, suggesstions etc.?

b. 1 June: Retreat in Randers Regnskov

c. Aug/Sept: Annual postdoc lunch with Lars Arge and Mogens Nielsen giving talk about grant and how to apply for grants

d. Dec: Christmas Event.: Topics, suggestions etc.?


3. AOB 

a.       Future meetings: Suggestion – 2 meetings a year, one each semester


Ad 1. 

ad a.

No comments

 ad b.

No comments

 ad d.

Five suggestions for relevant topics:

 1. Idea generating - How to generate good research ideas? How to stand out with your research and projects.

 2. Interdisciplinary research collaborations - From an academic point of view. Tips and tricks on networking opportunities => This might be interesting as one of the events for the autumn semester.

 3. The research funding system in EU and DK.

 4. Research strategies; different researchers, different strategies. How to combine research with conferences, personal life etc. incl. how to organize research groups.

 5. Award 'Show' incl. presenting a 10 pages paper

ad c.

The following suggestions for the retreat workshop programme were agreed on:

Workshop I: Idea generating + The research funding system (how to fund the ideas generated in first part)

Workshop II: Panel discussion on research strategies with talks from different CS-people


Ad 2.

ad a.

We agreed to go with the following topic for the March event: Student BA project. This is a field under development, so it would be good to have the postdocs evaluate this initiate at the event and get their feedback.

ad b.

See suggestions for topics and workshop program above

ad c.

Aug/Sept. Event: We usually invite for a postdoc lunch with Lars Arge and Mogens Nielsen on how to write a good research grant application but would also be interessting if we could have the interdisciplinary research as a topic. Must be discussed at the next postdoc committee meeting.

 ad d.

Christmas Event: Must be discussed at the next meeting postdoc committee meeting.


Ad 3.

ad a.

It was decided to reduce the amount of annual meeting in the postdoc committee from 4 to 2, one in the beginning of each semester.

Gianluca Mezzetti stepped out of the postdoc committee => Malene will ask around if anyone might be interested in replacing him.

We need an overview of the current amount of postdocs at CS => Malene will check with Jan Frederiksen.


Next meeting in the Postdoc Committee: August 2018.