PostDoc Lunch-meeting, September 2013


Notes regarding postdoc committee:


0. Purpose


   Forum to discuss topics of interest to postdocs and initiatives

   to improve working conditions for postdocs.


   Postdoc committee will meet and decide on topics for postdoc lunches

   and make recommendations on topics (which will be discussed at the postdoc lunches)


   Postdoc committee will meet approx. 4 times a year, in advance of postdoc lunch.

   Postdoc committee is responsible for organizing postdoc lunches,

   approx. 4 times per year.


1. Members


  Faculty members are appointed by HoD.

  Initial postdoc members were chosen at the postdoc lunch meeting


  (everyone was invited, no formal election, should be a reasonable

  representation across research groups).



    Lars Birkedal    <> (chair of committee)

    Ira Assent          <>


    Jan Midtgaard    <>

    Clemens Klokmose <>

    Robert Brewer    <>

    Claudio Orlandi  <>

  Administrative Asst.:

    Ann Eg Moelhave  <>


2. Mailing lists: - reaches all the people employed as postdocs  - for the postdoc committee


  Mailing lists are maintained by

     Jan Frederiksen <>


3. Facebook group.

  Jan Midtgaard <> also maintains a facebook group for

  postdocs.  Sign up by email.


4. Homepage

  A home page for the postdoc committee with minutes, slides, etc. will be made



5. Some possible future topics (to be decided on by the postdoc committee)

   - follow-up on APV

   - how to advise student projects

   - talk on how to obtain tenure (e.g., by Michael Schwartzbach)

   - talk on Danish and European Funding System (e.g., Mogens Nielsen)

   - talk on tenure track system implementation at AU (e.g., by Lars Arge)