Minute from Post Doc Lunch meeting December 2013

Gerth Brodal suggested, that we should let the group leaders know when we have our lunch, so that they could try and make their postdoc go to the meeting.


-We agreed, that the committee members will be invited for future lunches, unless the postdocs request that they don’t participate for example due to a specific topic they want to discuss.



Should contain expectations – there should be some pointers under Goals

-          What do I expect – why did I hire you

-          Longterm legal stuff – how long can you be a PostDoc

  • What is expected of you

-          Ressources –

  • Travel money, ex. money for conferences etc. also if it is possible to go to a conference when you don’t have an article to present
  • money for courses
    • on teaching
    • on application writing


-The committee should also work for benefits for temporary staff, ex physiotherapy


-People were invited to come up with suggestions for the retreat program and send them to Ira


-Topics for upcoming lunch-meetings

-          Impact of budget issues


-Ann will talk to Jan Midtgaard about what to put on the web about the possibilities of an pedagogical course that some postdocs have attended.


-Jan Midtgaard talked about an initiative about gathering all PostDocs across ST (I am not sure, that I got what it was actually about – sorry – if it is also unclear to you, we can ask Jan). He has a contact person, however, he does not have time to work on it, and asked if someone else would be interested. No one replied.