PoAP committee meeting Tuesday, February 4 2014

Present: Clemens Nylandssted Klokmose, Robert Brewer, Claudio Orlandi, Thomas Sangild, Ivan Damgaard, Ira Assent



  1. PoAP retreat with the PhD’s
  2. Next PoAP lunch meeting

Ad 1. The programme for the retreat on 1-2. April 2014 was discussed. Incoming suggestions for subjects was 1. Funding and 2. Advicing students.

The committee agreed on a suggestion for a programme that should be discussed with the PhD committee and then sent to the PoAPs for further discussion at the next lunch meeting.


Ad 2. Next PoAP lunch meeting will be on February 18.


-          One minutes of madness in order to get to know each other better. Each PoAP do a presentation that they could give in 10 years in the future and that explains what he/she have done.

-          The retreat programme