Minute from the PostDoc committee meeting 9 September 2014

Participants: Ira Assent, Robert Brewer, Kaj Grønbæk, Ivan Damgaard, Clemens Klokmose, Ann Eg Mølhave


  1. - Preparation of meeting of committee with new head of department.
  2. - Upcoming events for postdocs
  3. - Other

1. Preparation of meeting of committee with new head of department.

The web should be updated with Kaj Grønbæk as a member of the committee. We need at least 2 new PostDocs in the committee. Representation from the PL group and Semantics group. (At the PostDoc lunch on 10 October Nico Marcel Döttling and Thomas W. Dinsdale-Young signed up for the Committee)

2. Upcoming events for postdocs

What are the important things that we should concentrate on

- Lunches: Talks - Kaj commented that talks on computer science topics might be of interest for all - what might be more interesting for postdocs are talks about career development.

We will discuss this matter more, when we have the results from the questionnaire that has been sent to all PostDocs.


  • Panel discussions
  • How to organize/lead a research group
  • The role of the PostDoc

- Retreat: Together with the PhDs in Gjern on 7-8 April.

We should consider extra transport on April 7 if many of the foreigners are in there home countries in the Easter holiday and might not be back in Denmark for early take of from Aabogade.


3. Other

Clemens will take care of the Facebook-page from now on.