Minute from meeting in the PostDoc Committee (former PoAP), 26 May 2014


Ira Assent, Gerth Stølting Brodal, Caludio Orlandi, Robert Brewer, Clemens Klokmose, Ivan Damgård, Jan Frederiksen, Ann Eg Mølhave



-          Follow up on PoAP retreat

-          Planning next PoAP “lunch”

-          Follow up on Psychological workplace environment


Follow up on the retreat:


The feedback on the posters as well as the general sum up given in the evening should be sent to the students, so that they can learn from it.


In the future we should have a planning meeting in advance of the retreat in the PoAp committee on the programme.


We could consider a one day event instead of a two days event if not staying overnight at the venue.



Planning next PoAP lunch


Tanya and Jan will work with Ira on a questionnaire

-          Are you interested (options)

-          What kind of event (concrete suggestions and time of the day)

-          Topics


Topics for the next two “lunches”:

Talks on

-          how do I get use of the reviews I get

-          How to generate research ideas


A short topic on hiring procedures should be repeated at “lunch meetings” once a year.


PhD students interested in a PostDoc career should be invited.


Regarding time of the day, we will decide from a Doodle.



Psychological workplace environment


Clemens went through the status report.


Feedback on the startup meetings are good. There has been about 8-10 meetings.



It was discussed if the facebook-page works as it should. Social activities should be on a Faculty level.

Tanya will look into the possibility of getting a mailing list of all postdocs at the faculty and if this works she will continue working on a website on faculty level for social activities. We should then find a person among the PostDocs who will take the responsibility of arranging events.


New name for the committee:

Since the abbreviation PoAP makes no sense to people we rename the committee to PostDoc Committee.

The 4 assisting professors should be contacted and explained that this committee is also for them.