PhD Committee

Members of the PhD committee

Professor Anders Møller (chairman)

Professor Ira Assent

Associate Professor Christian Storm Pedersen (BiRC + CS)

Associate Professor Thomas Bataillon (BiRC)

Associate Professor Peyman Afshani

Professor Claudio Orlandi

Associate Professor Hans-Jörg Schulz

PhD Student Jens Kristian Refsgaard Schou

PhD Coordinator Mette Sørensen (Administrative support)


The PhD Committee at the Department of Computer Science coincides with the Computer Science programme committee of the Graduate School of Science and Technology (GSNS). This committee is responsible for the PhD studies in Computer Science and Bioinformatics.

The aims of the committee are to:

  • ensure that we attract the top students to the PhD programme
  • support our PhD students toward reaching their full potential during their studies in collaboration with their advisors
  • reinforce the high reputation of our PhD programme in the research community both nationally and internationally

The committee consist of 7 members from the permanent scientific staff of Computer Science and Bioinformatics, 1 student representatives, and a secretary. Meetings are held at least four times annually.

The work currently performed by the committee consists of:

  • evaluating applications for GSNS
  • organizing PhD defences and qualifying exams
  • contributing to recruiting new PhD students, in particular in form of information meetings and web-based information about PhD studies
  • arranging an annual retreat for the PhD students, with the aim of developing general research skills and establishing connections between the students
  • counselling for PhD students