Administrative Staff

Chief Consultant / Head of Secretariat

Na Ree Sørensen

Chief Consultant / Head of Secretariat

Information Office

  • In charge of Information office and student assistants
  • Vacation and absence administration
  • Key and access card administration
  • Lecture and meeting room reservations
  • Office Supplies
  • Overall mail service
  • Reception of exam papers

Chief Secretary

  • Administrative support to Head of Department and Head of Secretariat
  • Calender booking/planing etc. for HOD and institute meetings and events  
  • RejsUd back office super user
  • Treasurer of the CS Staff Club 

Research group coordinator

Julie Rasmussen

Research Group Coordinator

Research groups: Algorithms and Data Structures and Data-Intensive Systems

Research group coordinator

Research groups: Ubiquitous Computing and Interaction and Computer Mediated Activity

Research group coordinator

Research groups: Cryptography and Security and part of Logic and Semantics

  • Adminstrative support for the affiliated research groups  
  • Center Manager for COBRA (Concordium Blockchain Research Center Aarhus)
  • Adminstrative support for CS Visitor Service and other recruitment activities
  • Representative in working group on high school cooporation and outreach
  • Representative in working group on fundraising
  • Representative at the Office Committee
  • Expense settlement for guest researchers

Research group coordinator

Research groups: Programming Languages and  Logic and Semantics

Center Manager & Communications Specialist

On maternity leave from September 1 to the summer of 2021

  • Reimbursement administration
  • RejsUd support
  • Hourly pay administration
  • Manuel settlements for guests
  • Events: Organizing meetings (making reservations and order food), hotel and travel bookings
  • Jobwall administration + support
  • Board member of CS Staff Club

Study Environment Coordinator

Andreas Birch Olsen

Study Environment Coordinator
  • Study environement
  • Computer Science and IT product development programme
  • Student retention
  • Continuing education

Project Manager - Human Resource Coordinator

Jan Frederiksen

Project Manager I Human Resource Coordinator
  • Department HR responsible
  • Responsible for creating log-ins to AURUS and CWT, and for ordering AU credit cards
  • Web editor: l
  • Photoshop superuser
  • Survey Exact superuser

Student Recruitment Coordinator

Christina Sanne Gøttsche

Student Recruitment Coordinator
  • Member of working group on Campaigns and Communication
  • Member of working group on high school co-operation and outreach

Study manager

  • IT product development programme
  • High-school visitor service
  • Chairman of  working group on high school co-oporation and outreach

Lab Coordinator

  • Laboratory Management
    • Acquisition of equipment etc.
    • Facility coordination and access
    • Labtools and Committee Coordination
  • Technical Teaching
  • Outreach Programme
  • Administrative
    • Systems Maintenance
    • Offices and Rooms: Committee and Local Owner