Information Office

Contact person: Tina, unless others are mentioned in brackets

  • Registration of Holidays and special Holidays, childcare days and sickness
  • Keys and key cards
  • Department car ”Miss Daimi” (Keys, diesel card, Brobizz, Insurance, GPS) (Tina)
  • Department bikes  (Student helpers)  
  • Ordering office supplies which can be collected at the "Pædagogisk Værksted" Ada-1
  • Printer and copy machines  (Student helpers)  
  • Lending out IT equipment (laptop, mobile phone, cameras, projector, handing out dvd&cd-rom)
  • First Aid Kit
  • Defibrillator (Nygaard Building: Marianne, Ada building: Tina 
  • Mail and packages (internal, mail, courier delivery, registered delivery)
  • Coffee machine maintenance (Student helpers)
  • Meetings: Planning, reserving rooms and ordering food (Tina and Student helpers)
  • Coordinator for the student assistants
  • Working environment representative