What are the obligations of main supervisor and project supervisor, respectively?

From the study regulations:

During the period in which they write their thesis, students are affiliated with a main supervisor appointed by the Department of Computer Science. All academic staff with permanent appointments at the Faculty of Science can act as main supervisors. Students can be affiliated with a project supervisor in addition to the main supervisor. The project supervisor can be a member of the academic staff at Aarhus University, another public sector research institution or a private sector research institution/company. In such circumstances, an agreement is drawn up in which the distribution of work between the two supervisors is specified in such a way that the main supervisor ensures that the thesis complies with the applicable norms for theses carried out at the Department of Computer Science. The main supervisor has the formal responsibility for providing academic guidance for the student during the course of writing the thesis, and must take part in the final examination.

  • The principal supervisor will (in the mailbox in the mailroom) get a checklist for the individual Master's thesis, so that all steps in the thesis process will be carried out in the correct order. This checklist will be put in the mailbox by Arne approx. 1 month prior to the deadline for handling in the thesis. The checklist describes, among other things, the following:
    • Find a co-examiner
    • Agree on the date for defending the thesis
    • Book a room
    • Announce the defence at cs.au.dk/webevent. (Ask your research group coordinator for help.)
    • Send the examination question to the student and co-examiner
    • Protocol
  • Approximately one month before the deadline for submitting the thesis Arne sends a list of "Theses the next month" to the lecturer-alias (laerer.cs@maillist.au.dk). On this list you can among other things see who is the supervisor of the Master’s theses. All teachers should be on the lærer-alias including projects supervisors.