Students with disabilities

Students with disabilities, such as dyslexia = dyslectic or read and writing problems or wheelchair bound.

Students with disabilities may apply the board of studies for dispensation like extended examination time, examination in a private room, use of computers for exams, etc. Applications should be sent via the self service system ( and sent directly to the board of studies. The examiner will receive a copy of the letter of granted dispensation via the program coordinator. The student can apply for special educational support (PC and special tools)at the Counselling and Support Unit at AU.

Oral examination:

If a student wishes to have prolonged time for the examination for an oral examination (eg. due to stuttering or other speech problems), he can make the examiner aware of this in due time before the exam. In the exam situation the internal and external examiners must show the due consideration towards the student. Therefore, it is acceptable to spend extra time in the examination, if it is clear that there is a need for it. And the student should not apply for prolonged time to the Board of Studies. However, the student must always apply for prolonged preparation time to the Board of Studies.

Written examination:

The examiner is not allowed to promise a student prolonged time at written exams. If a student needs to have prolonged time at a written exam, he should contact Rådgivnings- og Støtteenheden (Counselling and Support Unit) and apply to the Board of Studies for prolonged preparation / examination time.