Examination protocols

How to get the examination protocol

Examination protocols for mandatory courses will be sent to you by the student office.

For examination protocols for interim master courses contact Arne Nis Jensen 5-6 days before the exam. Since it is you as the lecturer of the interim master course who plans the exam, you are the only one who know this date, so Arne will not send the protocol to you automatically.


Fill in correctly

The examination protocols must be filled in correctly to assure that the evaluation is registrered correctly. Please see here for a guide (in Danish)


Always hand in the original protokol to Arne Nis Jensen

You must always hand in the original protokol to Arne Nis Jensen. He will then keep a copy in case the Studies Secretariat loses the original and in order to check the "STÅ" rates. Do not send it directly to the student office.