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Get started with your AU Webpage (PURE)

PURE is an IT system for collecting, maintaining and presenting data. PURE is used by all tertiary education institutions in Denmark and a number of institutions abroad.

When you register your research in PURE it is displayed on AU's websites - including your own personal homepage.

Read more about PURE here


How to register your publications in PURE

Mail your references to together with the following information:

1. Preferably all the author’s complete name. Why?

  • All the authors must be identified in the PURE researcher database

2. Publication type

  • If your publication is an abstract, poster, paper etc. and do please write if your publication is peer-reviewed.

3. Publication status

  • Submitted, accepted/to appear, in press, E-pub ahead of print, published


It is extremely important that all of your publications are posted in the PURE system as they are included in the calculation of how much money the university receives from the ministry.

Each peer-reviewed publication published in one of the BFI list of journals, bookseries, publishers, is worth money for the University.

Likewise, the registrations forms the basis of various reports to the department and the University’s annual report.



The librarian at CS will enter your PURE data into the system. He can be contacted at


Notify as soon as your publication is submitted so that it appears on your pure homepage and at the departments publication webpage.

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