How to hire a Post Doc or a Studenprogrammer

Recruitment and hiring’s

As of December 2018, Aarhus University implemented a new e-recruitment system called EMPLY. The new system replaces PeopleXS and should be used for all new hiring’s. 

By implementing EMPLY we now have to adjust the way we hire people at the department. The following webpage will try to explain how the new workflow works.  

When hiring a Post Doc or a Research Assistant the procedure is as follows:

When you have a candidate for a position as Post Doc or Research Assistant you can choose to hire this person in three different ways.

A.     You already have the candidate you want to hire thus we can make a closed call which means we can hire the person for 1 year with the possibility of extending the contract with one additional year without having to make a public advert.

B.     You already have the candidate you want to hire but you want to hire the candidate for 2 years immediately. This will require an open call.

C.    You don’t have a candidate and you want to make an open call for a position that can be up to  2 years. 

All of the abovementioned approaches require us to make an advert in EMPLY system. For A we do not need a formal job-advertisement but for B and C we need a formal job-advertisement. 

The new approach for hiring a candidate will be as follows:


1.     In due time and when you have a qualified candidate for the job you should send and email to Jan Frederiksen with the following information:

·       Contact Information on the person you want 

·       Period of employment

·       Name of the project/grant that should pay the salary

2.     Jan will create the closed call in EMPLY and ask the candidate to provide us whit their application data. 

3.     Once we have received the data from the candidate you will get an email from EMPLY where you are asked to make an assessment of the candidate. You can do this by:

a.     Logging in to the EMPLY system

b.     Choosing the closed call

c.     Clicking on the candidate and then follow the assessment manual.

4.     Once you have completed the assessment according to the manual you need to finish the assessment task which can be done by clicking on the “TASK” tab and then check the checkbox next to the task assigned to you.

5.     When you have completed your task Jan and HR will then take the next steps in order to ensure the candidate gets a contract.



1.     In due time you should send an email to Jan Frederiksen with the following information:

·       Job title - Post Doc or Research Assistant

·       Advertisement text for the open call

·       Period of employment and expected start date.

·       Name of the project/grant that should pay the salary

·       A name of a person who can act as assessment chair for the call

Please note that an open call should be advertised online for a minimum of 3 weeks. 

2.     Once the open call runs out you will receive an email from the EMPLY system with information on how to access the candidate data.


3.     Once you have had a look at the candidates you should setup a short meeting with Jan who will guide you through the shortlisting process and the next steps in the EMPLY system. 

How to hire a student programmer

Since studentprogrammers are not considered as scientific staff they don’t need to go through the EMPLY system. If you want to hire a student programmer please contact Jan Frederiksen for more information on how to set this up.