2015.06.19 | Public/media, Staff

CS Teaching and Student Awards

Congratulations to the award winners at the annual Computer Science Day 2015

2015.06.18 | Staff

The secretariat on summer holiday

The Summer holiday period is approaching. Also for the secretariat, but there will always be at least one person present, who can help you.

2015.06.18 | Public/media, Staff, Featured

Computer science students as ambassadors at conferences around the world

Hackathon in Barcelona, programming summer school in Utrecht, Healthcare challenge in London. Whether you are going to present a paper or demonstrate a prototype, there are good opportunities to get out into the world as a student at Department of Computer Science, and several students have exploited this opportunity in 2014. Conferences gives you…

2015.06.09 | Featured, Public/media

The Stibo-Foundation sends 2 PhD students from Dept. of Computer Science, AU to explore the world

Five PhD students within computer science and IT have been awarded the Stibo-Foundation travel grants. Two of them come from Dept. of Computer Science, AU: Kenneth Sejdefaden Bøgh and Tobias Sonne

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