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Contact us with all matters that relate to the physical and psychological work conditions.
Safety Committee's members, charter and minutes are listed here.

The department has two defibrilliators

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Location of First Aid Boxes:

In the event of fire, accidents or life-threatening situations

  • Stop/contain the accident if you can do so without putting yourself at risk.
  • Call 112
  • Evacuate the area/building if necessary
  • Call the Aarhus University emergency phone number: 87 15 16 17


Stress in itself is not an illness. However, long-term stress can lead to illness.

Stress is the body’s reaction to either physical or psychological overload. Stress is how the body attempts to survive overload. Together with the nervous system, our hormones and immune systems work to compensate for the damage caused by overload.

Read more about how to identify, handle and prevent stress.