Communication and Outreach at CS

At CS, we have two teams working with communications and outreach. Below is a list of some of the tasks we can help you with, but feel free to reach out to us for other tasks as well.

Most inquiries can be solved quickly, but some may need to be discussed at our bi-weekly editorial meetings. A good rule of thumb is to include us as early as possible.


  • Industry collaboration (Søren)
  • Study related camps and events (ex. recruitment) (Søren)


AU Communication practice

Read the AU communication practice for 2016-2020.

AU Colour palette

Find the AU colour palette.

Download AU font

AU has its own font: AU Passata, which should be used in official documents and presentations. Download AU Passata, and read about the general use of fonts at AU.

Download AU Templates

Download AU templates for Word, Powerpoint and InDesign.