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A guide for conducting individual study activities for MSc students

A guide for conducting individual study activities ("project work") for MSc students

(This guide replaces the former guide on "study groups".)

  • A "project work" activity is 5 or 10 ECTS and the number of participants are normally 1-2 master´s students.
  • The activity is supervised by a tenured lecturer.
  • The students must update their master's contracts beforehand, so that it includes the project work activity. The contracts must be approved (by contacting Gudmund Frandsen).
  • The student must fill in a “Project work contract” (see link to the right) – have it signed by the supervisor and send it as a PDF-file to
  • A "project work" activity must follow the course description for "project work in computer science" / "project work in IT-product development" (see the course catalogue).
  • The activity is evaluated by the supervisor and an internal examiner by use of the 7-point grading scale (20 minutes oral examination based on a written report about the work carried out).
  • Before the examination, the supervisor must ask Arne Jensen for a grade sheet. Remember to give information about the project work (i.e. annual card number(s), project work in either computer science or IT-product development, ECTS and quarter). Fill in, sign the grade sheet and send it as a PDF-file to Arne Jensen.
  • Project work activities are not included in the supervisors workload within teaching.

Note: It is very important that the project work activity is incorporated in the study programs of the students. If not there is a risk that the activity does not fit in the total programme (ECTS and demands on grades) and hence the study administration cannot accept the programme.

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