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AAA teaching at CS

This page holds information about joint teaching activities AAA/CS on the B.Sc. in IT and M.Sc. in IT Product Development programmes.

A meeting will be held twice a year where we will plan activities for the upcoming semester and also discuss the development and other matters regarding the two study programmes.


Key contact persons

Gudmund Skovbjerg Frandsen

Member of Administrative Staff
H bldg. 5335, 275
P +4520586178
P +4520586178

Kaj Grønbæk

H bldg. 5346, 124
P +4587156154
P +4521495634

Arne Nis Jensen

Educational Coordinator
H bldg. 5342, 118
P +4587156589
P +4587156589

Marianne Graves Petersen

Associate professor
H bldg. 5346, 128
P +4587156156
P +4523382284

Søren Poulsen

Special Consultant
H bldg. 5342, 226
P +4587156131
P +4520951282
5220 / i36